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Yemen : les enfants et la guerre


Yemen war escalates with no end in sight


Almost three years of civil war in Yemen is forcing huge numbers of people from their homes. Activists say in the past few months alone, fighting in northwestern areas has displaced more than half a million people. And there are no signs of the war ending.

Al Jazeera's Hashem Ahelbarra reports.

Yémen, les enfants et la guerre surprise

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Depuis plus de trois ans, la population yéménite vit sous les bombes, conséquence d'un conflit largement méconnu. La réalisatrice Khadija al-Salami a confié à quelques enfants le soin de filmer la guerre. ên témoignage rare même si certaines scènes prêtent à débat.




Yemen conflict: Who controls what


Envoyé spécial. Yemen : les enfants et la guerre - 8 février 2018 ..

nYemen:  : Displaced in Sanaa’s Old City

More than 10 percent of Yemen’s population has been forced to flee due to the ongoing conflict.

Sanaa, Yemen - Rocked by more than three years of conflict, the majority of those living in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance. The civil war escalated in March 2015 when a Saudi-led coalition launch air attacks on Yemen against Houthi rebels captured much of the country. Since then, more than 10,000 people have been killed, millions have been forced to flee and the country has been ravaged by disease and hunger. 

This photo essay is provided by the UN refugee agency, UNHCR.

 n  Yemen: Displaced in Sanaa’s Old City by  Shabia Mantoo

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Yemen control map December

Source: Al Jazeera

 10 février 2018 «Yémen : les enfants et la guerre»

Yemen : les enfants et la guerre - Indigné

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